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Tennis fans in the Bay Area are invited to to have fun and compete in the first SALA Cup Tennis Tournament hosted by SALA homes and team AAA.

SALA Cup is a Bay Area version of “Laver Cup”.

The mini doubles tournament will take place on the weekend of 9/24-25. It can be an extension of the HeCares Cup league if you would like to have more team challenges. You can use it as warmup event for the upcoming Zijing Cup alumni team tennis championship, or simply have fun and enjoy a tennis party.

Tournament format:

Two-day tournament, 3-line doubles team competition:

  1. Total UTRs of six players cannot exceed 30;
  2. Only players with Verified DUTR can play;
  3. At least three women players are required in the lineup;
  4. These lines can be any of men’s doubles, mixed doubles or women’s doubles;
  5. D1: 1point, D2: 2 points, D3: 3 points
  6. UTR of D1 >= UTR of D2 >= UTR of D3;
  7. Default is not allowed;
  8. If two team are tied at 3:3, the tiebreaker will be the team total game winning percentage. If the total game winning percentage is still tied, team wins D2 will be the winner.

Note: 7-day UTR average between 9/10 to 9/17 will be used as Match UTR for all players.

Match Time: 9/24-25 Sat & Sun ( 12:00pm – 8:00pm)

Saturday: Team Round Robin

Sunday: Semifinals and Final

Location: Mission Hills Tennis Club @Fremont

Trophies and prizes for team winner and runner-up.

Snacks will be provided during the tournament.

Event Highlights:

  1. Total UTR cap @ 30 across 3 lines;
  2. Two tennis clinics (volley clinic, lob clinic, drop shot clinic) will be provided by advanced players. One is on Saturday and the other one on Sunday. Schedule is to be decided.
  3. SALA’s first tournament;
  4. BYOK (Bring your kids with you to have fun);
  5. Extra Awards: Winner and runner up teams also get NCCCAF gold and silver medals and will be listed in the NCCCAF official record. Special Individual awards are available for best sportsmanship, best outfit and best shot;
  6. Pizza for lunch

Let’s have fun!

Dear Friends,

Knock Knock! Summer is here! SALA TEAM is having an ice-cream party for you and your families. Stop by to say hi, grab a FREE ICE-CREAM and meet your neighbors this Saturday at Seven Seas Park- 1010 Morse Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. We are looking forward to meeting you here!

Welcome to follow us on social media to learn more about our future events!



🎉Last Saturday SALA hosted Mother’s Day event at Campbell Community Center. 🎁Everyone mother who came to join received a hand-painted tote bag! 👜
Thank you all for joining us! 💪In the future, we will host more event on various themes, stay tuned! 😆

The Ultimate Guide for Real Estate Appreciation and Capital Gains Taxes Avoidance

Our guest speaker Ron Richard will share his professional knowledge and experience!

Sign-up here for Online Meeting. Also welcome to join in our In-person Meeting! Beverages, snacks, dessert and free gifts will be served! We invite you to come and join us! Thursday 4/14 7:00PM (Pacific Time) at 97 Boston Ave, San Jose, CA 95128.

Come to join us on Saturday, April 2 at 4:30 pm for our Twilight Open House Party at 1593 Alviso St, Santa Clara, CA 95050. We have drinks, wine, yummy food, and so much fun! Your presence is all that’s needed to make this party a cheerful one!

Come dance Zumba with your sisters !The autumn wind is rising, the red leaves are drifting,the days of going to the beach to bask in the sun and surfing are over with the hot summer. The day to go skiing in Tahoe has to be planned ahead for more than a month. Is it the entertainment desert season now? Can you just stay at home and watch dramas after getting off work? NONONO!

We invited Hope, the super energetic Zumba coach, to take the many of you to Zumba every Wednesday. No cost, open directly to SALA friends!Let’s dance Zumba with SALA and add a little dopamine happiness to the monotonous life!

Hope is a certified Zumba instructor with 5 years of experience, graduated in Music and Dance Education and taught dance classes in college for many years before moving to the United States. Her courses are easy to learn and rhythmic, without any dance foundation , suitable for people of different ages which can simultaneously help to reduce body weight, reduce stress, enhance physical fitness, promote heart health and other benefits.Zumba:”Zumba” originated in Colombia at one time and originally meant ” move fast with joy “.

This form of fitness incorporates the steps and rhythms of various South American dances. So the rhythm is very distinct, which is a dance sport suitable for all ages.Zumba is a healthy and stylish fitness class that combines music with easy-to-learn movements and interval cardio. It is taking over the world like a storm with its hot, sexy, passionate style. Zumba (Zumba) is also described as a big party, a happy sport that can get rid of troubles and dullness.

Anyone only needs to follow the street shooting and do the movements naturally. The whole process is full of joy. The dance steps are simple, interesting and easy to learn.SALA not only provides professional services to help you trade your desired real estate, but also provides you with healthy activities to help you find good friends with common interests!

Event Date:

Every Wednesday from November 17th(If it is suspended due to public holidays, etc., please notify in advance)

Class time:

Every Wednesday 4pm-5pm(Time changes will be notified in the WeChat group)

Event Location:

97 Boston Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

* The event will comply with indoor epidemic prevention requirements, please maintain a safe social distance. Opened windows for ventilation.

Have yourself tested with our non appointment testing for COVID-19 by SALA Foundation sponsored by SALA Homes Realty & Development in coordination with DIACARTA.

More in details

Please come in to have fun and if you need real estate advice beyond Zumba dance please click here to Meet Our Team


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